Autonomy News is an anarchist news website based in England and Wales. This site was created during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic to highlight mutual aid efforts by communities.

We are inspired by people organising to meet their own needs in ways that build autonomy, resilience and collective power beyond the state, capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy.

We have a revolutionary perspective. We seek to publish news from the frontlines of anti-colonial, anti-racist and anti-fascist struggles. We share actions and ideas from movements working to destroy prisons and borders, end captivity, animal exploitation and ecological destruction. Our inspiration comes from revolutionary struggles around the world, including the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

The Autonomy News collective come from an anarchist background. But we don’t only want to publish news from people who identify as anarchists. We want to highlight struggles that challenge the systems of oppression we face, and are seeking to outgrow them.

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You can contact us by emailing info [@] autonomynews.org