Ecological Struggles & Animal Liberation


US: Ruby Montoya Case Raises Questions about Cooperation and Movement Lawyering

Via Unicorn Riot, this article was also cited by Return Fire Ruby Montoya is doing whatever she can to lighten her punishment after publicly admitting to a string of arson and sabotage attacks against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in 2017. According to a recent article in The Economist, “Montoya agreed to cooperate with the

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Kurdish Freedom Movement


Sara, Rojbin, Ronahi: Time to bring the perpetrators to justice!

Via KSN Jin On the 9th anniversary of the massacre of 3 Kurdish women revolutionaries in Paris, KSN-Jin, the autonomous women’s structure of the Kurdistan Solidarity Network will be supporting our Kurdish sisters and internationalists all over Europe in taking to the streets. We will be commemorating the brutal murder on January 9, 2013 of

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