What we publish

– Original content from the Autonomy News collective
– Contributions from comrades. You can submit an article via our online form.
– Reposted articles from publications and websites with whom we share a common perspective

How can I submit content

– Content can be submitted via our online form. A member of our collective will review it, and, if it’s in-line with our principles we will publish it.

– You can submit original content, or content that has been reposted from elsewhere. If the content is a repost, please provide a hyperlink to where you got it from.

– You can also email us your article to

Some tips:

  • Please include AT LEAST one picture.
  • Please proofread, edit, and fact check your piece. You can do this by linking to supporting facts or citing sources.
  • To embed a Tweet, YouTube video, or Instagram post, include the URL in the body of your submission.
  • Feel free to include PDFs, we will upload them into the post.
  • You can remove METADATA with this.

What sort of thing should I submit

– Articles about local organising, and ideas about how our organising can move in a revolutionary direction
– Reports of actions and demonstrations
– Writing analysing our current situation and suggesting new ways forward
– Reflections and comradely critiques on the current state of grassroots social movements in the Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Engalnd. And on other global struggles.
– Announcements of events

Click here to submit news via the contribution form.