Callout from Haringey Solidarity Group – Solidarity with Ukraine

ukraine after bombing

From Haringey Solidarity Group

Please forward through ALL your contacts. It’s better people get this many times rather than not at all.

Dear friends and comrades

We have all seen the pictures on TV and social media. We have heard the reports on our radios. We know what’s going on in the Ukraine. And we know what’s happening at the borders of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary & Romania. As anti-authoritarians, anarchists and anti fascists in the UK we need to show our solidarity. Let’s put aside our differences and support comrades in Ukraine and those on the borders giving active solidarity.

There are presently anarchists and anti capitalists in Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine, who are setting up anti-authoritarian resistance committees   – check out this link for just one group starting up – https://medium.com/@blackheadquarterinua/the-resistance-committee-eng-49056e2d0e84

After speaking to comrades in the area we know there are people in neighbouring countries trying to get equipment to them.

Speaking to other anarchists outside the Ukraine we also know comrades are doing a lot of support work at the borders as refuges leave Ukraine.

Also, many groups around the world, and especially in Europe are getting funds and needed equipment/supplies to both those in Ukraine but also for support work at the borders.

But at the moment the UK anarchist and anti-authoritarian movement seems to be lagging behind. So, as Haringey Solidarity group we want to be a small part of changing this.

Speaking to people we know, there have been two International fundraising initiatives set up. One in Germany via the Dresden Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) group and another in Poland by a Polish ABC group. Both are managing to get funds and equipment into the Ukraine.

We are putting this information out so that rather than wondering what we do, we now have a channel to support anti-authoritarians, anarchist and anti fascists who are doing work/defence on the ground.

Speaking to people in the area, unless you speak Polish or Ukrainian they don’t want people going to the borders to help. They also don’t think trying to get into the Ukraine to help the defence committees is practical. But they do need money – and a lot of it. Bullet proof vests, ballistic helmets, first aid kits and the like don’t come cheap!! Nor does supporting those leaving Ukraine.

They are asking for people to donate where you can but also put on fund raisers and publicise the websites/fund raising sites below.

If you are worried sending money to Poland or Germany (we recommend you do it this way), you can send to the HSG bank account details below and we will forward it.

International Fundraiser via German ABC – https://abcdd.org/en/2022/02/24/support-anarchist-community-in-ukrain-during-war/#more-3294

4th paragraph down gives links to how to donate. They take cash or bitcoin

Polish fundraiser via Polish ABC – https://zrzutka.pl/9hubp6

HSG’s bank details:

Account name: Haringey Solidarity Group

Account number: 50642971

Sort code: 08-90-37

Please add reference as “Ukraine”