Class Not Nation – Anarchist Communist Group Dayschool, 5th Dec

Libertarian Communism 2020: Class Not Nation . Anarchist Communist Group Dayschool

Saturday, 5 December 2020 from 13:00- 16:30

Submitted to Autonomy News by ACG

The nation state creates the illusion that the people who live within certain physical borders are united politically, economically, and culturally. However, this is not the case and belief in this illusion has led to many in the working class to support their rulers and bosses more than their fellow workers who are not identified as belonging to this nation.
Nationalism, Internationalism, and Identity Politics;
Libertarian Communism 2020 will consider all these issues, aiming to find ways of combating nationalism and working towards a working class internationalism. Speakers will address the question of nationalism generally and then the next speakers will focus on nationalism in Catalonia (with a speaker from the CNT in Spain) and in Scotland.

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