Crowdfunder to buy a boat for the ‘channel rescue’ project

Channel rescue

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Channel Rescue

We are a group of people appalled by the current situation unfolding in the English channel.  As desperate men, women and children cross the strait in search of safety and a better life they’ve become the scapegoats of politicians and the right wing media. This hysteria will no doubt make their difficult journey more dangerous.

They need our help.

We are raising money to set up human rights patrols on the coast and at sea,  modeled on efforts in the Mediterranean . We aim to monitor human rights abuses by the British or French governments or any activity that endangers lives.  For this we need to buy boats, radios and life jackets and to be able to offer food, water and assistance – when and where it is needed.  We need money for legal costs and digital infrastructure.

None of this comes cheap.

We are asking for your help.

If you are also appalled by our government’s response to this situation and want to do something about it, then please contribute to our efforts or get involved.

No Human is Illegal – please donate now.

If you are interested in volunteering for our patrols, or alternatively have skills and resources that you can make available to us, please feel free to contact us via our email using the subject line ‘helping out.’

We are especially keen to hear from those with seafaring, legal, linguistic or medical expertise. Please contact us if you have access to boats, mooring or storage facilities along the Kent coast.

We believe in solidarity and mutual aid – working together we can make a real difference right now.

Contact us. 

channel.rescue (at) gmail.com
Twitter– @ChannelRescue