Dannenrod Forest Occupation: Call for support from Danni!

From: https://enoughisenough14.org/2020/11/26/dannenrod-forest-occupation-call-for-support-from-danni/

Originally published by Wald Statt Asphalt. Translated by Enough 14. Image by @keinea49.

Dannenrod. Germany. The eviction of the Dannenrod forest has started on 10.11. Since then, the clearing has been non-stop. In the first week the police needed very long and did not get very far per day. But in the following period of eviction this has changed drastically.

The people here do not have endless capacities and to be in an eviction situation every day is exhausting and not tenable in the long run. Among other things, there are no calm moments, and for example, BFE cops run through the forest in 5-20-people squads every day, and far too often they can do it undisturbed. In addition, we are confronted with massive police violence here every day, and unfortunately there are few responses from activists. We need to defend the forest with even more determination. And finally get out of the defensive into the offensive!

The practical problem why the speed of eviction and logging has accelerated is that we are not enough people. We need new people who organize themselves and do actions in small groups or other actions. So come over and be creative! We need you now! If you don’t have the opportunity to come over, plan actions in your city and draw attention to Danni so that everyone can see that we are really angry and won’t let us take our space without a fight. Or write to people from the media, so that the forest gets more media coverage. There are sleeping possibilities in and outside the forest. There is also the possibility to organize collective busses, and there is a carpooling service on Telegram. Together we will make this eviction a disaster!

Greetings from the forest.

How to get there: https://waldstattasphalt.blackblogs.org/anreise/

The camp: https://wald-statt-asphalt.net/de/camp/