End Toxic Gold Mines – Not The Earth!

Image says 'Save our Sperrins', end toxic gold mines not the earth

Statement from Derry Anarchists: https://derryanarchists.blogspot.com/2020/10/end-toxic-gold-mines-not-earth.html

Derry Anarchists sends its solidarity with the people of Greencastle, Co. Tyrone and the wider north west who continue to oppose the Canadian toxic gold giant Dalradian Ltd.

In spite of ongoing intimidation and harassment by the PSNI, the campaign as well as the community continues to stand united in its objection to Dalradian’s poisonous goals.
We must not allow Dalradian’s thirst for profits turn the North West region into a toxic wasteland. It is vital that those who profit on the possibility of toxic gold, from the political establishment to the business community, be challenged. The irreversible destruction of our environment cannot go on unchallenged, which is why we support the community using every means at their disposal to fight back against toxic gold mining in our Sperrins.
All companies that seek to benefit from Dalradian and gold mining are equally complicit in the destruction of our land, our air and our environment. They should be named and shamed.
Workers through the unions must step forward and create their own environmental monitors to help publicise and organise actions against companies that expose workers and our communities to toxic pollution. Within unions, we all should raise the issue of the toxic gold mining industry fronted by Dalradian Gold Limited and where support industrial action to further protect the rights and health workers and our communities. As anarchists we support the call to save our Sperrins and an end to toxic gold mines, not the earth!