Invitation to Online Panel discussion on the current uprisings in Rojhilat and Iran from a kurdish perspective

The autonomous women structure of the Kurdistan Solidarity Network,
KSN Jin, would like to invite you to an online panel on the current
protests in Rojhilat and Iran after the murder of Jîna (Mahsa) Amini.

The aim of the webinar is to be an opportunity to challenge the
narratives of Western imperialists and Shah supporters that erase Jîna
Amini’s Kurdish identity and the role of Kurdish people in these
uprisings. We understand the liberation of women is a universal
struggle for societies and what happened in Rojhilat is not an isolated
case but the patriarchal forces trying to eliminate our voices and
actions no matter where or how we fight.

Our guests are women from Rojhilat and Iran linked to the Women Freedom
Movement and the Kurdish struggle. We will have time to listen to the
panellists and to ask questions to the panellists.

Join us for this exciting online panel and discussion. Book your free
ticket here:

Let’s learn about the current revolutionary uprisings together!