Liberation through agriculture starts with understanding its past

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“Agriculture holds the power to push our communities to a place of sovereignty and health, agriculture is a realm where if we make the revolutionary shifts – we can liberate all people.

As society evolves so does our relationship with food, for food is the foundation of not only our health but also the well being of this planet Momma Earth. This current evolutionary step we are taking is sewing together a lot of problems and we are beginning to create (or at least envision) a lot of solutions. As we continue to exit the poison age of agriculture (which started promptly during World War 2) through choosing to support local, organic, regenerative farmers to source our foods from; we are also choosing to acknowledge the other toxicities agriculture has systematically imposed on women and people of color. We are also holding the agricultural industry responsible for the impact it has continuously had on the climate. And lastly, bearing witness to another powerful transition where the farmers we’ve had for the last 30-40 years are starting to retire and new younger voices, more voices of women farmers, more voices of BIPOC farmers are starting to touch the soil with eagerness to feed communities with the guidance of powerful elder farmers and ancient ancestors.

The future of agriculture will look completely different than what it’s been for the last couple of generations. Now is the time to look to your local farmers for seeds of hope, for reminders of love, for a surge of  light in the midst of the chaos.”

~Amber Tamm