POLAND: Alerta! International call to action! – Defend Turnicki national park

Alerta! International call to action! – Defend Turnicki national park [Poland]

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Since 25 of april we are blocking two logging roads in the area of designed turnicki national park in carpathian foothills on the south east in so called poland.

We are inicjatywa dzikie karpaty( wild carpathians initiative) a grassroots movement, group of people who decided to act directly to protect the last natural forests.

We demand:
* the immediate cessation of logging and hunting around the area of the planned turnicki national park,
* immediate creation of the planned nature reserve “relic Carpathian Forest”, which would protect the most valuable fragments
* create turnicki national park.

This place is home for many protected species of animals, plants and fungi including those that we do not find anywhere else. All predators live here – grey wolf, lynx, brown bear and wildcat, birds – a total of 151 species of birds were found here, of which 138 strictly protected, among others like Front eagle, Lesser spotted eagle, Little owl, Black
stork, Ural owl, Three-toed Woodpecker, 10 species of amphibians, 5 species of reptiles and 485 species of insects, including 49 species recognized as threatened in europe. It is a refuge where the biodiversity of bryophytes, lichens, fungi and insects. It’s comparable right after the Białowieża Primeval Forest. The first research which indicated the exceptional natural values ​​of this area were carried out in 1938 and efforts to create a national park here last for almost 37 years.

Today we recieved an official announcement from state forestry that 24 of june they planned to remove our blockade to get into the forest to continue devastation of the last natural forest. We won’t allow that! We are gonna defend this forest with our bodies! If you can send this information to your friends or pack your backpack and join the occupation!

For more info write on: dzikiekarpaty@gmail.com

For the wild!

More information: https://dzikiekarpaty.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IKarpaty/