Reformist Reforms Vs Abolitionist Steps for policing

Infographic comparing reformist and abolitionist steps towards policing

From the Abolitionist Futures website:

“The  purpose of this chart is to explain the difference between reformist reforms, which entrench or increase the reach of policing, and abolitionist steps, which reduce the overall reach and impact of policing while increasing the resources available to communities for health and flourishing.

We acknowledge that abolitionist steps in terms of policy go far beyond defunding the police. Carcerality exists in all areas of governance – including health, housing, education and culture, as well as the more obvious prisons, detention/immigration borders, and surveillance.

In sharing these resources we aim to support the development of anti-carceral, non reformist reforms/abolitionist steps in all these areas.

We work together towards the creation of an ‘Abolitionist policy platform’ so that we can collectively push for change across Britain and Ireland.”