Sisters Uncut: Justice means NO DEAD WOMEN

Sisters Uncut gathered by the Old Bailey to hold The Met accountable for their role in Sarah Everard’s murder.

On Wednesday 29th September, Wayne Couzens, a police officer and the murderer of Sarah Everard, is being sentenced at the Old Bailey.

While the Metropolitan Police want us to believe that Couzens is an individual case, he is not just a bad apple – the police are an institution rotten to its core.

Between April 2015 and April 2018 there have been more than 700 reports of domestic abuse against police officers. And one woman a week has come forward to report a serving police officer for domestic or sexual violence.

Couzens is likely to receive a long sentence, which many will hail as “justice.” Let us be clear: justice is not a prison sentence for a murderer. Justice is no more dead women.

Justice is support to leave violent relationships. Justice is refuges, housing, benefits, therapy, resources, care. Instead, the government is giving us increased police powers through hate crime legislation, and the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. In the last six months many have taken to the streets to protest this bill and resist police and immigration enforcements in our local community.

We will resist every attempt made by the government and the police to brush their culpability under the carpet as well as every callous attempt they make to use gendered violence to give the police more power to abuse us.

Couzens’ arresting Everard using COVID legislation shows us that more police powers = more violence. We say no! Please fill out this form to join the fight to Kill the Bill!

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