Topple The Racists! A crowdsourced map of UK statues and monuments that celebrate slavery and racism.

topple the racists map


Republished from the Topple the Racists website

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What they say:

Topple the Racists is inspired by the direct action taken by Bristolians. Statues are exercises of public adoration. And Edward Colston made his fortune in the slave trade. He was part of a system of mass murder, torture and human suffering. We must learn from, not venerate, this terrible chapter in British colonial history.


Who have we included?

We have included cases where there is responsibility for colonial violence. History is complicated so we have made some judgment calls. We welcome feedback to info@stoptrump.org.uk

What do we want?

To promote debate. It’s important to shine a light on the continued adoration of colonial icons and symbols.

Are you saying the statues should be torn down?

It’s up to local communities to decide what statues they want in their local areas. We hope the map aids these much-needed dialogues. Taking down a statue could also include moving it to a museum, for example.

Do you want to take down the buildings, streets etc that are listed?

No, obviously they can just be renamed.