Unlocking Black Power: Institutions and Languages of Resistance

Black as in revrolution

Reposted from the ‘Black as in Revolution’ YouTube Channel

Over the past few months, I’ve found myself turning more and more to conversations with comrades and friends, old and new, to help me make sense of the questions which have been bothering me. Seeing the immense help that these conversations have been for me, I thought it would be amazing to open this out and bring together some of my favourite people for a series of informal and informative discussions about ‘Race’, Imperialism and resistance.

Annie Olaloku-Teriba: @annie_etc

For the first discussion, we have two amazing guests:

Mohammed Elnaiem (@m_elnaiem) is a PhD student in Sociology at the University of Cambridge. He has an amazing column in JSTOR Daily called Black Radicals where he recovers and explains the themes of a lost tradition.

Chardine Taylor-Stone (@ChardineTaylor) is a cultural producer and activist who has worked tirelessly to increase access to organising whilst remaining a steadfast proponent of the importance of a radical analysis of ‘race’ and class.