A future without prisons: Science Fiction, Anarchism and the Abolition of prisons in the north of Ireland

Image shows a raised fist holding cell bars

Source: https://abcireland.wordpress.com/2020/09/22/a-future-without-prisons-science-fiction-anarchism-and-the-abolition-of-prisons-in-the-north-of-ireland/

Check out this article by radical scholar Ruari-Santiago Mcbride.

Abstract: In this article, I analyse the historical and contemporary use of imprisonment in the north of Ireland. Drawing on an analysis of science fiction literature, anarchist abolitionist theory, and historical events in the north of Ireland, I argue imprisonment to be an instrument of social regulation, which perpetuates individual harm and exacerbates social inequality. In pursuing the ethical imperative put forward by penal abolitionists I chart a pathway towards a utopian future without prisons in the north of Ireland.

Download the full article here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/334259836_A_FUTURE_WITHOUT_PRISONS_SCIENCE_FICTION_ANARCHISM_AND_THE_ABOLITION_OF_PRISONS_IN_THE_NORTH_OF_IRELAND