Acorn: Stand up to COVID evictions, Join a Community Protection Team

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Republished from Acorn

As we recover from COVID-19, another crisis looms.

A quarter of a million private renters are at risk of homelessness when the government’s eviction ban lifts. Thousands of mortgage holders face an uncertain future.

Just as communities came together to provide emergency food and supplies to neighbours, we’ll need a community response to protect families and communities from losing their homes.

ACORN is organising that response across the country.

Become part of a community standing up to evictions, sign up to join ACORN’s community protection teams.

(NB – this button links to WhatsApp. Please join this link on your phone or make sure you have access to WhatsApp Web.)

How It Works…

ACORN community support protection teams mobilise to protect neighbours from the COVID housing crisis through actions such as blocking evictions.

Once you join a local team you’ll be alerted to activity in your area.

Housing help:

If you are in danger of eviction please contact a local ACORN branch. If you need general housing advice, please join the ACORN Tenant Support Group.