Base and Roses Food Collective

Bristol: Call for support from Base and Roses food collective

Republished from Bristol Community Aid’s Facebook page

*** GET INVOLVED – Food mutual aid collective BASE and Roses is looking for people to get engaged***

BASE and Roses is a food-based collective providing vegan meals and grocery boxes for free to anyone who wants or needs it in Bristol. Starting at the beginning of the lockdown, we have so far delivered over 2000 food parcels and 1300 cooked meals. There is a big need for food even after the lockdown.

B&R is looking for people to get involved to pack boxes, cook, sort out and prepare food, clean and deliver (driving/cycling/walking), administration and organizing. Depending on the activity, they are from 2 to 6-hour shifts, weekdays & weekends, evenings/during the day. Anyone can help, there are activities for everyone based on your time availability, needs and skills.

BASE & Roses is based on solidarity and mutual aid. It is an inclusive, friendly and fun collective to be involved in. Get in touch on if you want to get involved or find out more information.