Elbit arms factory blockaded and painted red in Shenstone

Elbit painted red
Early this morning, Palestine Action activists chained the gates shut, locked themselves on to each other and doused the building in blood-red paint; forcing the factory to shut down. This is the third time we’ve hit Elbit’s Shenstone factory in the past few months. Overall, we’ve forced them to shut down for 12 working days and cost them over £500K in losses.
View videos here, here and here

All activists have been arrested after being forcibly removed from Elbit Systems, in Shenstone today.
But this is just the beginning. We need to shut Elbit down everyday until they’re forced out. To do that, we need you to join the resistance. Read below to find out the different ways you can get involved.
Direct Action Workshop
It’s up to ordinary people to take the power into their own hands and take direct action to force the war criminals out.
If you’re considering or willing to take action that may risk arrest;
Creative Action Workshop
Creative tactics such as changing bus stop posters, taking over billboards and plastering Palestine Action everywhere is key to building our movement.
If you’re interested in taking creative action; Register for our upcoming Creative Action workshop