EVENT: 1500 and counting virtual film screenings on UK deaths in police custody

1500 and counting film

Republished from Courageous Films’ Eventbrite

Since the end of May 2015, Siana and award-winning filmmaker Troy James Aidoo have embarked on an overwhelming journey of education and facing up to some very painful truths. Propelled by the death of Sheku Bayoh on 3rd May 2015 – a man killed in cold blood by police in Scotland – Siana and Troy set about trying to understand why his death was not met with the same outrage as the equally horrific deaths of African-American brothers and sisters. After much soul searching, research, and questioning, Siana and Troy discovered that quite simply, enough people just did not know that these things happen here too.

In Britain, racism is insidious and institutionalised. In the UK, racism is always up for debate. In the UK, we are always told things are better here than in the USA. Troy and Siana didn’t agree and that’s why they made 1500 and Counting, it was to place a much needed spotlight on police brutality and the gross misconduct of our forces here on British soil.