NYC bookfair

Join the 14th NYC Virtual Anarchist Book Fair

September 25-26-27, 2020

10am to 10 pm

14th NYC Virtual Anarchist Book Fair

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David Graeber left this time, another anarchist star lit in the skies of the Uprising !!

The 14th annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair will be held virtually this year on September 25, 26, and 27, 2020 from 10am to 10pm EST. With 30+ publishers and 40+ streamed live events mediated by a wide spectrum of anarchist activists, artists, scholars, poets, radical healers, and communities, we invite our comrades, fellow-travelers, allies, and friends to participate in the building of new worlds, based on anarchist principles of solidarity, mutual aid, autonomy, cooperation, direct action, and free association.

Guided by the idea of inventing Parallel Worlds: Creating Autonomous Communities, and organized by a collective of Anarchx-feminist/queer artists, the 2020 NYC anarchist Bookfair invites you to articulate practices across borders and build together the bases for viable self-governing alternative systems – necessary for a non-capitalist existence.

Exploring issues such as food autonomy, anarchist justice systems, resistance organizing, indigenous solidarity, decolonizing presents and futures, radical communal care, highlights of the 2020 NYC ABF Workshop include: international discussions with our comrades from Greece (Tasos from Void Network), Korea (Gamancho), Brazil (Movimento de Catadores), the UK (Palestine Action) and Argentina (Expandiendo la revuelta); sessions on claiming and taking space (one with Marisa Holmes of MACC, one with gil lopez from Western Queens Guerilla Gardeners); talks with scholars Silvia Federici, Erica Lagalisse, John Clark, and David Kubrin; speculative practices/abolitionist futures with Liminal Labs and The Operating System; creating an anarchist justice system with Logan Marie Glitterbomb/Center for a Stateless Society; organizing workshops with IWW; a Know Your Rights training with the Law Offices of Moira Meltzer Cohen; an Indigenous Solidarity Workshop and skill-share, Cuir Kitchen Brigade; sessions on mutual aid, 40 Ways to Fight Fascists: Street-Legal Tactics for Community Activists(book exhibition by Spencer Sunshine in collaboration with PopMob), and many more.

Also building upon our experience last year, the Radical Care Space will offer a series of intersectional workshops in interdisciplinary care practices and embodied learning – featuring organizers who link the mental and the corporal. Join workshops in radical healing (Emma Kathryn Porter on reclaiming medicine / Nicole Rose on Herbalism and State Violence), mental repatterning (Sierra Ortega on Reclaiming the Brain), revolutionary occult wisdom (Mariko Tamegai with a Spiritual Journey) and the mind-body orientation it takes to shatter systemic oppression and create a new reality (Simon Johnson on bodyfuturism & worldmaking). And we will offer additionally a “queer weedy plant witchy shamanism, building care collectives & networks” Care Toolkit to build the parallel world.

The 2020 Emma Goldman Anarchist Film Festival: Voices from the America[S] will be streamed online from September 25th until October 5th. Featuring 21 films from Brazil, United States, Chile, Peru, Canada, Argentina and Ecuador, the Festival offers a platform to independent, emerging and established filmmakers, challenging conventional narratives through either cinematic approaches or subject matter. The 2020 edition includes documentary, experimental, personal-political and performance films on themes such as indigenous narratives, direct action, the rise of fascism in Brazil, defund the police movements, enlightened life cycles, life in quarantine and essential workers’ struggles.

The ArtFestival will pay a tribute to Toyen (Marie Cerminova) – anarchist/dadaist and other radical artists and performers from around the globe.You will also have a chance to see some of the archival work from the past 13 years. For our first time ever we will host poetry readings with radically amazing poets hailing from New York City, Oakland, Texas, and Sweden.

In the spirit of celebrating the light of comrades who have contributed to our journey, the 2020 NYC Anarchist Bookfair pays tribute to David Graeber, to whom we do not have enough words to thank for his thoughts and living; David Manuel, long-time NYC ABF organizer/Freegan; Taylor Sakarett, anarcho-artist and beloved friend; and one of our founders Patrick Brennan.

Free people never die.

With solidarity, we must unite and rise stronger. The revolution is now — we are living it.