Berlin: Liebig 34 – summary of recent eviction and it’s resistance

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The history of Liebig 34 as a house-project began in 1990, when many houses in east-Berlin were squatted. Shortly after the Liebig 34 got squatted, the project was partially legalized, just as many other houses at this time. Around 1999 the people in the house decided that the project should continue an only women and lesbian space. Over the years it changed to a FLT( women, lesbian, trans) project. And after some more years, we decided to change our house definition to“without cis-men, but all other (a-) gender-identities welcome.

In the house live around 40 people from all over the world, with different backgrounds and (a-) gender identities. Also a lot of dogs, cats and some rats. In the house we communicate in several languages, our main language is English.

Spaces where we can try out collective living, alter gender and identity, where we can develop, extend and exert anti-patriarchal structures, spaces where we reflect power structures and privileges and where we can empower each other are urgently needed.

We consider ourselves a consent-democratic project and try to have no hierarchies, where also people with less political experiences can participate. It is important for us to offer living-spaces for people who – either because of their finances, their „legal“ situation and /or several forms of discrimination have few or no opportunities to find another living space. For us as a self-organized project, self organization doesn‘t only have a political but also a practical meaning. That’s why we do all our tasks, like repairs, building, etc, ourselves and live based on the ideas of DIY.

We see ourselves as a political project. Our joint political fight is anarcha-feminism, but there are lots of other fights being fought by members of the collective, like queer-feminism, sex-work-activism, animal liberation, anti-repression, trans-activism, anti-gentrification, no-border-activism, anti-colonialism …

an image from the press conference about the eviction of liebig 34

The eviction:

It feels incredible to type these words into the keys: The Liebig34 is cleared.

At 7:00 a.m. Robocops started sawing and flexing fences, doors, windows and barricades and at 11:00 a.m. the last inhabitants* of the Liebig34 were dragged out of the rooms.

We are sad. We are crying. We are exhausted. WE ARE ANGRY.

They can‘t imagine the determination they have awakened in us. This act of violence will explode in an act of counter-violence and self-defense. Already so much solidarity has happened in the last nights, months, years and has shown what we are capable of doing. This eviction is a moment of radicalization. We can use it and together we can express our hatred for this shit.
Even if the press, politicians, cops and Nazis are now taking pleasure in our loss, we are turning powerlessness into anger. So many borders have been crossed. We shout NO in your spiteful eats. You can have our house, you will never get our passion. We are so much more than this house – we are anarchists, feminists, queers and antifascists who will now channel their anger and attack capitalist patriarchy to the last.

34 million property damage – we are already well on the way.

There was a call for a demo on the evening of the eviction in the area of Mitte. It was an energetic, powerful and destructive evening and 132 people were arrested and a number of cars were burnt and buildings attacked.

Liebig34 lives. Liebig34 fights.