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London Solidarity Fundraiser: Keeping People Safe & Fed Through Winter

We are raising money to redistribute wealth to the most vulnerable in our communities, with mutual aid and solidarity funds set up to support people through lockdown #2 and the crisis of inequality.

Who we are:

We are a coalition of community and solidarity funds that work together to address wealth imbalance in our local areas.

We are made up of: Goose Green Solidarity Fund, Herne Hill Solidarity Fund, Newham Solidarity Fund, SE15 Community Fund and SE16 Community Fund.

We are 100% volunteer run and put the needs of our neighbours at the centre of everything we do.

Together we’ve raised over £24,000 in the past six months and distributed it directly to residents in all of these different postcodes.

‘Life’s not fair’ is what you’re told as a child, yet we are here to make life a little less unfair in London. We are crowdfunding money to redistribute wealth to those who need it most in our communities this winter.

How we work:

We rely on monthly and one-time donations from individuals and small businesses with secure finances in our postcodes. Anyone in our communities can then draw from this fund in a financial emergency, based on the principles of trust, solidarity and respect.

The solidarity funds in our network grew from a desire to create something different. There are no barriers to accessing our help and this means we can respond quickly to emergency situations, even if someone has no fixed address, is undocumented or ineligible for government funds — common barriers to accessing services.

We have helped many people in our communities so far this year, but currently the money we receive isn’t enough to cover the dozens of requests we receive each month.

What we are crowdfunding for:

Another lockdown means increased pressure on the most vulnerable in our community, and when combined with the rising heating bills that winter brings, we predict the need for the various funds will be greater than ever.

That’s why we’ve decided to join together with a target of raising £10k to be shared between the funds and help as many people as possible.

We all know how hard it can be to make ends meet in London – 18% of jobs pay less than the London Living Wage – and Coronavirus is making inequality even worse. People can’t afford to wait when their electricity has been shut off or they have no food in the fridge.

By backing this cause you will ensure that dozens of people will be able to support themselves over these coming months by buying food, heating, clothes for children, or other necessities needed to live safely.


Visit our website to find out more about the way we work: southlondonsolidarityfunds.org.uk


“The Goose Green Solidarity Fund shouldn’t need to exist. The fact that it does, and it has helped many local people such as myself and family can equally be seen as a triumph of social action and a damning failure by both local and central government. The fund has for many, including myself, meant the difference between being able to eat two meals a day, rather than one or none.”

“My family has been able to eat and have a warm flat [because of the SE15 Community Fund]”