New report: Six years on Êzîdîs Face Renewed Threat of Elimination since October 2020


Via Women Defend Rojava

Due to the current political situation of the Êzîdîs in Sinjar (Shengal), MXDŞ – Democratic Self-Government Council of Sinjar publishes a current report. It states:

This report addresses the current situation of the Êzîdîs, specifically their subjection to a renewed policy of annihilation (Erbil-Baghdad deal of October 9, 2020). The report begins with providing a general background on Êzîdîs and their history. This will be followed by an account of the IS attack and its heinous crimes against the Êzîdîs on August 3, 2014. The report argues that, despite the physical defeat of ISIS, the crime against the Êzîdîs is still ongoing. The recent developments that point to such a threat of renewed elimination will also be discussed below. The report concludes that unless the Êzîdîs are not granted the status of a protected group under the Genocide Convention or other mechanisms of international law and unless their right to self-governance is not respected, it is very likely that they will face complete extinction as a community and that their existence will be jeopardized for the sake of political and economic gains.