“New Year, No Kier” – shut down Kier Construction in 2021

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We need to take ACTION against prison expansion, NOW! This summer, the British Government announced plans to build four new prisons as part of ‘Project Speed’ – an attempt to boost the economy by investing billions in construction. These prisons are part of the Prison Estates Transformation Programme – the state’s plan to create more than 10,000 prison places.

Why Kier?

Kier is a multinational construction company and the principal contractor behind the new mega-prison in Wellingborough, recently called HMP Five Wells. Nearly complete, the prison is set to create cells to imprison more than 1600 people. Systemic safety failings led to the death of father of three, Aidan Gallagher working for a subsidiary of Kier in 2017. Alongside prison building, Kier have been involved in reprehensible projects that include developing military infrastructure, gentrification, bio-scientific animal abuse, and building ecologically dangerous projects like the high speed railway called HS2.

Why Now?

A giant company like Kier can feel like an intimidating enemy however, their debt-laden business model makes them vulnerable and the lacklustre response of the markets to their share offer highlights how unpopular the company currently is with investors. While their precarious financial state means they will likely cling onto contracts, they cannot afford to lose future business. Pressuring public institutions like universities or local councils into refusing Kier contracts could create a domino affect.

What Can I do?

READ the articles by Corporate Watch about Kier

SHARE what you learn – let’s destroy Kier’s reputation

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 ORGANISE your own actions against Kier, taking precautions to protect yourselves and others against Covid-19

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