No Path: Call for submissions for a new publishing project

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“There are paths that can be followed, and there is a path that cannot – it is not a path, it is the wilderness.”

Call for submissions for a new publishing project:

At the forefront of this call is a wish to deepen the conversation between anti-spe and anti-civ anarchists. Whereas these currents are normally kept separate, this doesn’t resonate with us at all – we want to better understand their shared potential. We also want to explore more deeply the topic which, for lack of a better term, might be described as “nihilism”, along with the critiques of ideology, rationalism and in general the civilised obsession with surrendering our lives to daydreams.

We warmly invite our unknown comrades to submit original essays, English translations of beloved texts, poetry, artwork and whatever else potentially relevant to the following topics: anti-speciesism, anti-civ anarchy, nihilism, egoism, gender chaos, rewilding, irrationality. Beyond these more specific concerns, we also wish to pose a riddle: How are we to affirm the here and now, with all its toxic overflows, not pretending to be somewhere else?

(Submissions by mid May or sooner would be great – we hope to release by summer 2022).