Return Fire volume Six, Chapter 4

Return Fire Vol 6, chap 4

Check out Return Fire, volume six, chapter 4

Return Fire Vol 6, chap 4
Return Fire Vol 6, chap 4

Return Fire vol.6 chap.4 now out (with supplements), interview posted, updates to poster section & article archive

28thAug. × ’22

Greetings all,

A selection of small contributions, in the spirit of the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners 2022 – and most of all, in memory of Taylor. A minute of silence, a lifetime of struggle.

The next installment of Return Fire vol.6; chapter 4 is now up, as well as a separate version of the covers for those printing it themselves. Contents:

‘Plenty to Do and Little to Prove’

& An Invitation to Deflate the System

But Why Are You Running?

(street-sense amidst the tear-gas)

‘A New Relation with Social Conflicts’

& ‘Let’s Destroy Everything That is Called Tesla!’

About the Reactionary Drift of Some “Comrades”…

(clearing out the trash accumulating in the corners of green anarchism)

‘We Laugh Harder Than Them’

(glimpses through the canopy of the Weelaunee Forest defence)

‘The Principle of Reciprocity’

& ‘The Audience Surrenders’

How Did Belarusians Come to Rebellion Against the Dictatorship?

(…and what were its horizons?)

R.I.P Taylor

& HMP Bristol Staff We Are Watching You…

On Sexual Murder and Police Sadism

& let the fear change sides

Comments on ‘Polyamory?’

(libidinal economies or an assault on the Family?)

Rebels Behind Bars

(text by prisoners & repression news)

Memory as a Weapon

(no, you can’t dismiss trans as post-modernism)

Poems for Love, Loss and War

Eric Laursen Owes Me a Lamp

(review: Eric Laursen’s ‘The Operating System’)

Never Turn Off the Phone

& ‘From a Different Angle’

In Praise of the Dancing Body

(jail-breaks for the captured terrain of the flesh)

…and more!

The chapter comes with two separate supplement zines:

  1. Violence, Non-Violence, Diversity of Tactics: world-views & counter-insurgency in ecological movements as capitalism mobilises to preserve itself. This is a transcription of an interview with Peter Gelderloos which was conducted by Green Anti-Capitalist Media; similarly to the supplement from the previous chapter of vol.6, this is designed as an intervention especially for the newer comrades. (Imposed version here.)
  1. “A Web of Relations & Tensions”: an (unabridged) interview with Return Fire – conducted by the ‘zine No Path for their first issue (offline only), and here is appearing here for the first time in full. (Imposed version here.)

The latter is also hosted as a webpage version in a new interviews page of the section of this site now dedicated to the forthcoming Return Fire book, Instigations, that was the catalyst for the interview.

Additionally, yet more designs with which you can hit your local streets have been uploaded to the posters section, and the article archive from this and past chapters of Return Fire has been updated and will continue to be over coming weeks.

OK, until next time.

R.F., August 28th 2022