“Nothing heals more than freedom” – Şîfa Jin healing center in Jinwar

Health plays an important role in our lives and at the same time reflects the situation of our societies. In an interview with Merivan, member of the new healing center Şîfa Jin, Women Defend Rojava talked about the ideas and the first steps of the newly built health and healing center in Jinwar. The center was opened as a new project of the women’s village Jinwar and is an important part in building a free and communal life to change the world while living everyday life.

“Şîfa Jin is a health and healing center for women and children based on natural and modern medicine and has been a fundamental part of the village since the beginning of the construction of JINWAR. As well as all other areas of our lives, we want to organise and shape our health care ourselves and thus also be an example for all places where women are looking for alternatives to previous health care systems.

During the last months we have made all the preparations with a lot of work and effort as well as with a lot of anticipation so that we could officially open Şîfa Jin on March 4th in the frame of the action week for March 8th, the international women’s day.

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