Palestine: Help Jordan Valley Solidarity keep moving, despite Israeli repression

Jordan Valley Solidarity

Via Jordan Valley Solidarity

Israeli Occupation forces have stopped Jordan Valley Solidarity from carrying on their work of supporting Palestinian communities by confiscating their vehicle. We urgently need your help to buy a car for the campaign. Palestinians are barred from using Israeli apartheid transport in the Jordan Valley, so private vehicles are the only way to move around and network with small, isolated, rural communities. Without JVS’ support these communities are more vulnerable than ever to attacks from the Israeli military and settlers.

You can donate now at: chuffed.org/project/help-jordan-valley-solidarity-keep-moving-despite-israeli-repression

On 16th November Israeli forces forced the coordinator of Jordan Valley Solidarity (JVS) to drive his car to a nearby military base, where they confiscated the car.

Volunteers from JVS had been helping to construct a walking trail in the area around the Bedouin community of Wadi Al Maleh, bringing life to an area where Israeli forces have been denying local residents the ability to access clean water and electricity, to cultivate their land or even to build homes.

This is not only an attack on the right of Palestinians to conserve, protect and showcase their history, flora and fauna, it is also an attack on their ability to network and bring Palestinian communities together.

Without a vehicle Jordan Valley Solidarity cannot bring together and support the many local communities it works with throughout the whole area. Experience from when other vehicles have been seized from Palestinians indicates that the car is likely to be kept by the occupation forces for at least 1 -2 months.

If they do return it, they are likely to enforce conditions. In the Jordan Valley they often force vehicle owners to sign an agreement that they won’t use their vehicle in the Jordan Valley – the place where they live and work.

We need your help to buy the campaign a new vehicle, so they can carry on supporting communities in the Jordan Valley. To read about JVS’ work click here.

According to Rashid Khudairy, coordinator of Jordan Valley Solidarity:

“When they cause us trouble it makes us stronger. They will never stop us.”

JVS remains defiant, and will continue supporting communities in the Jordan Valley in their struggle against Israeli colonisation. But we need you help to continue our work!

You can donate now at: chuffed.org/project/help-jordan-valley-solidarity-keep-moving-despite-israeli-repression