Palestinian health clinic demolished in midst of Covid 19 outbreak

Israeli forces demolish a health clinic

Republished from Jordan Valley Solidarity

As the world battles Covid 19 the Israeli occupation is putting the lives of Palestinians in the Jordan Valley at risk. On 26 March the village of Khirbet Ibziq was raided by the Israeli army. The local health clinic used by visiting field ambulances was destroyed along with the home of Abdul Majeed Khidirat and his family. They also confiscated a further 8 tents from the village. On the same day occupation forces demolished three homes in the village of Duyuk Al Tahta, near Jericho.

This came as the Palestinian Health Authority recorded its first death from Covid 19 and as the number of cases in the West Bank started to escalate with more than 60 people having tested positive.

Demolition in Ibziq

Rashed of Jordan Valley Solidarity said: “As medics throughout the world battle against the deadly coronavirus and Palestinians are denied freedom of movement, the Israeli military continues to drive Palestinians from their land and increase the risk to these families”.