Smashspeciesism blockades Goldholme Stone quarry

Smash T&S! Release all rabbits!

Goldhome Stone is at standstill. With a lock on in place, two people have put their body on the line to bring to the public’s attention the cruelty that T&S Rabbits inflicts on every single animal they farm.

The target was obvious. Phil Kerry owns Goldholme group, which mines limestone and sells cut stone throughout the UK.

The profits from the quarry help in the torture of the rabbits at his farms. His customers deserve to know that he is involved in fur farming and that he does not care about the amount of rabbits that die daily due to neglect.

The security employed by Phil has been abusive,violent and disgusting. The cops, as per usual, are doing nothing about it.

Find out more about the campaign to shut down T&S: https://shutdowntnsrabbits.farm