T and S Rabbit Farm week of Action and new Camp

Today, 8th of August a week of action against T&S Rabbit Fur Farm started. Ahead of the week of action, Operation Liberation UK has set up a camp in front of T&S East Bridgford to demand the immediate release of the rabbits and the end of T&S as an enterprise.

T&S Rabbits was setup by Phil Kerry twelve years ago with the alleged aim of providing the UK restaurant market with rabbit meat. Despite rabbit meat being low in demand, as well as extremely cruel and unnecessary Phil has repeatedly applied for planning applications at multiple sites to expand his business and open factory sized rabbit farms with on site slaughterhouses. Up until this time all applications have failed, however, the farms remain and the planning applications keep on coming.

This consistent desire to expand shows that Phil has no plans to stop anytime soon. Maybe that’s because farming rabbits for meat allows him to exploit loopholes in the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act 2000. By advertising publicly as a rabbit meat farm Phil has been able to make a mockery of the UK fur ban and sell rabbit fur products for as much as £600.

Not content with exploiting one loophole Phil has also been exploiting loopholes in planning applications by using the existence of rabbits on site to obtain permission to build large luxury houses in the British countryside to sell on and make huge profits.

The week of action was kicked off by an easy call to action to call the councillor for the borough of East Bridgford which is where Phil Kerry keeps hundreds of rabbits in awful conditions on his fur farm and asking the councillor to use his position of power to oppose the planning application for a rabbit slaughterhouse.

More information can be found at https://shutdowntnsrabbits.noblogs.org/sample-page/ or Shutdowntns (Instagram/ Twitter)