Solidarity with the residents of Napier and Penally barracks

Fire Napier barracks

Since last September refugees have been housed by the Home Office at Napier Barracks in Folkestone and Penally barracks in West Wales. Hundreds of people are forced to live in the cramped and decrepit old barracks, without proper washing facilities and no hope of social distancing. Recently, a coronavirus outbreak hit the residents at Napier

On Friday 29th some residents at Napier Barracks reportedly rioted and caused a fire. According to the right wing media five people have since been arrested. Priti Patel seized the oppurtunity to denounce those who resisted.

One solicitor, Rachel Harger tweeted in response to Patel

Some residents of Napier Barracks wrote:

As you know, living in a terrible condition and unsafe when it comes to covid affected all the residents physically and mentally. Their protests, hunger strikes and suicide attempts have all been ignored by the home office…

…[We ask the Home Office] to make sure that Napier Barracks will be closed as it is no longer safe and secure. It is mandatory to see the people in the camp as human beings and as desperate people

It is of paramount importance that those of us who believe in mutual aid and shared struggle stand in solidarity with – and organise practical material support for – the refugees at Napier and Penally barracks, as they resist against the conditions in these Home Office ghettos. That includes doing everything we can to provide solidarity to those who have been arrested after yesterday’s fire.

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