Stand with imprisoned activists: Take action to #ShutElbitDown

Stand with imprisoned activists: Take action to #ShutElbitDown

Via Palestine Action

Earlier today, two Palestine Action activists were imprisoned after being arrested 33 hours earlier for allegedly being equipped to “cause criminal damage”. Six activists were arrested in total, four of whom have subsequently been released.

Maybe they were going to throw paint on an arms factory. Whatever they were, or weren’t, going to do, it would pale to insignificance next to the death and destruction that Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest private arms manufacturer, causes across the world.

Our activists were held in the police station before being taken to court and remanded in custody until their next court date. We understand this will be at least a month away.

The UK government, its courts and its police, continue to do nothing to stop Elbit from developing weapons tested upon children and refugees in occupied Palestine. Instead, they choose to harass, detain and incarcerate those who challenge their crimes against humanity.

But our brave activists will continue to act, despite the fear they may feel, because they know that the consequences of not acting are too high. We will not allow the continued oppression of the Palestinian people to be facilitated by this country any longer. We therefore call again on all of you, our comrades and supporters, to take action.

We have been asked what is best to do to help those in prison. Of course, sending money and letters will be greatly appreciated, and we will share how to do this as soon as we are informed. But perhaps the best thing we can all do for them is continue their fight – our fight.

Nothing will raise our imprisoned activists’ spirits more than hearing further actions have happened – and that Elbit are even closer to being shut down for good. Those in prison range in age from young to retired. What is stopping each and every one of you taking action to shut Elbit down? Get involved. Join us. Arrange your own actions. Sign up to the resistance: bit.ly/JoinResist