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Since the escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic we will no longer be hosting events in-person, until it is safe to do so. We will continue to put your donations towards sustaining our transformative justice work: creating collective care in our communities and supporting abolitionist organising.

We are a collective of skilled facilitators and educators in London seeking financial support to enable us to take our radical, educational work out into the world: create new content and experiment with new techniques whilst maintaining our current commitments to campaigning and frontline work. This is the work of building transformative justice and developing radical and creative approaches to community healing and care.

Building relationships and networks of care is vital to pre-empting and addressing issues of harm. One of the aims of this collective is to create spaces for participants to delve into topics of how we as members of communities relate to and support each other in fully compassionate and creative ways. Strengthening social bonds and a capacity to care for each other also challenges the larger societal structures that create isolation and allow violence to continue uninterrupted. 

We want to design and run free sessions on an ongoing basis where we can do the important work of building capacity within our communities to support each other both emotionally and practically. 

The money we raise will go towards building and sustaining our upcoming and existing projects.

Update: Prior to COVID, these included the monthyl Freedom Fighters Feast events and workshops held publicly to explore community accountability and transformative justice. Recently, we created the ‘How to be an abolitionist’ zine and stickers promoting abolitionist ideas, and have fundraised over a £3000 for groups Healing Justice London, Sistah Space and Soulful Healing London through those as well as distributed over 500 zines with tips about enacting abolitionist principles in daily life. We are scheming more projects and talks in the near future.

About Cradle 

Cradle Community is a collective of activists and artists finding ways to make space for curiosity, compassion and creativity. In our mission to build a world with transformative justice responses to violence, we believe we all need to develop the skills to support radical approaches to collective care and healing in our communities. As a collective of individuals with complex identities and ancestries, we hope to reach beyond borders with this work and the legacies we follow as we pursue it.

Our events, workshops and online content are curated and developed with the intention of centring our core values  – solidarity, wellness, accountability and resilience.

Together we hold space to discuss, explore and express different aspects of how we can better relate to each other as individuals as well as within culture and society.