War in Ukraine: Ten Lessons from Syria

Syrian Exiles on How Their Experience Can Inform Resistance to the Invasion From: https://crimethinc.com/2022/03/07/war-in-ukraine-ten-lessons-from-syria-syrian-exiles-on-how-their-experience-can-inform-resistance-to-the-invasion In March 2011, protests broke out in Syria


The View from Ukraine, the View from Russia

An Exile from Donbas and a Protester in Russia Tell Their Stories From: https://crimethinc.com/2022/03/05/the-view-from-ukraine-the-view-from-russia-an-exile-from-donbas-and-a-protester-in-russia-tell-their-stories To help people understand what is taking place


The Dusk before Dawn

From: https://crimethinc.com/2022/02/26/russian-anarchists-on-resisting-the-invasion-of-ukraine-updates-and-analysis The following text appeared today as a podcast in Russian on the Autonomous Action website. War On Thursday morning, Putin

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