The UK’s mutual aid groups are making plans for a new post-lockdown future

A mutual aid group gives away free packed lunches in Newcastle

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has claimed over 43,000 lives in the UK so far. Only two other countries have reported a higher number of fatalities.

The UK government, presumably keen as always to protect corporate profits, was slow to accept the need for social distancing back in March, ignoring expert advice and costing people’s lives.

The UK is currently progressively easing its lockdown measures in order to get people back to work. Experts are again advising that the government’s policies are wrong.

The state has clearly failed to meet the needs of communities which have arisen as part of this crisis. Workers have been left with insufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) and hospitals have often been under-equipped.

Many people who have lost their livelihoods are suffering. People still remain on the streets during lockdown, despite government promises to house the homeless.