Liverpool Solidarity Federation produce guide for workers

Image shows virus cells overlayed by eight different symbols of workplaces

Liverpool Solidarity Federation have put together an information guide for workers during the coronavirus.

About the Guide

The current coronavirus crisis is putting workers at risk, both financially and in terms of their health and wellbeing. We need to do all we can to protect ourselves in this crisis. Below we have set out the areas of employment law that we feel are most relevant. In doing so, we hope it will  help workers to get organised enabling them to defend themselves and stay safe during the pandemic.

We should stress that, by themselves, employment laws offer little protection. Rather than relying on employment laws, we should use them as an aid to organising and as a means of putting pressure on management.

This information has been put together by workplace activists rather than lawyers. The aim is to promote workers’ organisation and self-defence in the current circumstances. In the meanwhile, SolFed remains active in our workplaces and supporting other struggles. We are available through our usual communication channels. Get in touch and let’s share experiences and resources. Defend yourself!

Find the guide here: http://liverpoolsf.org/coronavirus/coronavirus-information-for-workers/