Accountants for slaughterhouse targeted in Kent

From the sheep

via DirectActionInfo

anonymous report:

“This is BSR Bespoke Accountants in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

They handle the finances for the scummy slaughterhouse Forge Farm meats that was blockaded almost a year ago by the group #smashspeciesism. Since that slaughterhouse occupation things have been quiet at Forge Farm and we don’t like it. The pressure on abusers mustn’t happen in a vacuum: to stop them we have to apply pressure from every avenue. We want all businesses that affiliate themselves to Forge Farm to cease immediately and if they don’t this is a call to action to you, reading this, to start coming for them. Phone lines blocking, hacking websites, gluing locks, smashing windows whatever you like. And you can start with their accountants. In Tunbridge wells. It’s a quiet street and there was a fancy car on the drive as well.