AUDIO: Yannick Marshall on Anti-Colonial Rebellion and Pushing Back Against Liberal Co-option

A picture from the US' rebellion

Cover Image from Spilt Cocoa with Permission

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with Yannick Giovanni Marshall, an author, poet, educator, and contributor to Black Perspectives. We discuss the ongoing rebellion, and broadly about what support looks like as the liberal manager class attempts to grab control over the movement and funnel it back into the existing system.

We cover a lot of ground in this discussion. From talking about the importance of Frantz Fanon’s work and the concepts of anti-Blackness, to a discussion on abolition, and the American project broadly, as an extension of white supremacy and colonialism.

For those frustrated by attempts by liberals, career activists, neoliberal corporations, and members of the Democratic Party to insert themselves into the struggle and into positions of leadership and influence, we hope that this discussion provides the needed fuel to push back.

More Info: Yannick on Twitter, Yannick Marshall homepage, Frantz Fanon collection, The Racists’ Peace, and Black Liberal Your Time Is Up

Republished from It’s Going Down!