Autonomy News needs contributors

A logo with roses saying Autonomy News shares news & ideas from anarchist & frontline struggles in England, Wales and beyond

Autonomy News was set up in 2020, during the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, the website has been run by a very small collective of close comrades.

Looking back at 2021, we think our site has played an important role in publishing news and articles from an anti-capitalist and anti-state perspective. Crucially we’ve been one of the precious few places where folks can publish news anonymously and securely.

But we want to acknowledge that sometimes we haven’t had enough time to keep the site updated, and sometimes haven’t published contributions to the site as promptly as we’d like to.

That’s why we are are calling for volunteers to help with Autonomy News in 2022.

We’d like help with:

– Writing original content, and republishing news from other radical news sites.
– Promoting Autonomy New
– Managing our Twitter account, and potentially setting up new social media accounts
– Starting a new ‘events’ section, to publicise radical events in the UK.
– Help with graphics and video

We take online security seriously, and we ask all our contributors to follow a set guidelines of tech privacy guidelines.

Please email us at if you can offer any help. Depending how you want to get involved, we may ask you to provide a trusted comrade to vouch for you.