One Year Closer to Revolution

From: https://www.revolutionaryabolition.org/news/one-year-closer-to-revolution/ It’s impossible not to recognize 2020 as a turning point in the struggle. The image of the 3rd precinct in


Calais: The State expands the C.R.A (Retention Center) of Lesquin for more and more people locked up!

From: https://calaismigrantsolidarity.wordpress.com/2020/12/08/letat-agrandit-le-c-r-a-centre-de-retention-de-lesquin-pour-toujours-plus-denferme-es-the-state-expands-the-c-r-a-retention-center-of-lesquin-for-more-and-more-people-locked/ Macron and his government, since their accession to power, have placed themselves in the continuity of their predecessors, that is

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