Reports from the global week of action in defence of the revolution

World Kobane day

via @Riseup4Rojava

Around the world, the action week has creatively shown that the achievements of the #Rojava revolution must be defended! Here’s a thread on recent developments and the importance to continue organising, uniting struggles and taking actions!

The war against the #Rojava revolution has never stopped, and the preparations of the Turkish Fascist State for a renewed invasion are intensifying, daily and speedy new military positions are built by the Turkish state.

This comes hand in hand with intensified bombings in the occupied areas, in the resistance areas in the #Afrin region, in #Başur (Southern Kurdistan), including in #Şengal throughout the past days.

Turkish state’s warplanes continue flying over #Rojava; today in #TirbeSpiyê! See also these articles on recent bombings: ➡️Girê Spî: anfenglishmobile.com/rojava-syria/t… ➡️Shehba: anfenglishmobile.com/rojava-syria/t… ➡️Zakho: anfenglishmobile.com/kurdistan/turk… ➡️Şengal: anfenglishmobile.com/kurdistan/turk…

Watch video here

On why #Şengal in #Başur (Southern Kurdistan) is continuously being targeted, and why any attack on Şengal is also an attack on #Rojava, see our thread here⬇️ twitter.com/RISEUP4R0JAVA/

As a global resistance movement, we’ve achieved a lot so far. With 1000s of actions in the form of demonstrations, blockades, occupations, information events, seminars etc. all around the globe, we not only protested against the crimes of the Turkish state and its allies..

but we also forced countries to position themselves regarding the crimes by the Turkish fascist state, leading to some countries and companies suspending arms exports to the fascist regime in Ankara; most recently Rotax also stopped delivering engines for Turkish drones.

At the same time, by working together, by organising from below, by not relying on states and their exploitative system, we also contributed to spreading the hope and the practical alternative #Rojava shows and fights for daily!

The attacks against the revolution by the Turkish fascist state are only possible because of military, diplomatic, economic, political, technological cooperation with the opportunist imperialist governments, especially the USA, Western European, but also other states

which is why solidarity, the strengthening of the global antifascist struggle, our civil disobedience against fascist rule, against capitalist exploitation, and against imperialist devastation of our livelihoods is so important in our internationalist struggles!

We shall never underestimate the power that we have now! By continuing to organise, uniting struggles and taking actions, we prepare for any scenario! We put obstacles in the enemy’s war plans, and we’ll have the right and quick response when renewed invasions happen.

but most importantly through this process, we together already build up the alternative we would like to live, following Rojava’s hope and examples where people are building their own alternative day by day and are giving practical proof that another world is possible!

To #RiseUp4Rojava means to continue to #RiseUpAgainstFascism, and to #SmashTurkishfascism. Join us if you haven’t already. Together, we will win! ⬇️This thread is full of examples of what can be done, and we’ll continue to #RiseUp4Revolution!