Single cow liberated in Cheshire


Via Unoffensive Animal

29th December, Cheshire UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“Everyday we see sad looking dairy cows and we know what is happening to them and where they will end up. We know how many pregnancies they will be forced into, only to have their babies taken. They get skinnier while their suffering fattens the dairy farmers wallet. We’ve been keeping an eye on one ‘free range’ organic farm in particular and we’ve heard the cries coming from the many lonely calves trapped there, locked in pens, kept away from their mothers and their milk. This time we came in the night and watched through the window as the farmer and his family ate dinner, went to bed and one by one turned their lights off. We crept to the pens and looked for a small and healthy calf. Once we found one we cut some small bits of rope opening it up and two of us carried the wide eyed calf to the get away car. We fed them some warm formula we had prepared and they happily gulped it down. We cut off their ear tag and safely disposed of it. This baby is no longer a number, no longer a means to make money. This one will live a good life.

We will keep fighting for all the ones we left behind.

Join the fight.”