Smash IPP

from the Smash IPP website

Smash IPP is a collective of people fighting for the release of IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) prisoners, and the abolition of life licenses. Many of us have friends and family who are locked up with indefinite sentences, and we are painfully aware of the effect that this uncertainty can have on the health of our loved ones and our families and communities.

We are prison abolitionists, and do not see the release of IPP prisoners as incongruent with our ultimate goal of the destruction of all prisons. We view it as a lifesaving measure, considering the rates of suicide and self harm among people serving IPP sentences are even higher than the rest of the prison population.

Our tactics include:

  • Supporting IPP prisoners, as well as their friends and loved ones.
  • Connecting different IPP prisoners’ support groups and prison abolition groups in order to build a resilient nationwide network.
  • Raising awareness and educating people about IPP sentences, and empowering them to take action.