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12% of the world owns 84% of its wealth.* The rest of us suffer the devastating effects of the poverty, conflict, and environmental destruction that helped create that wealth.

We can’t go on like this.

The most powerful know the battle for people’s minds is key to keeping power. That’s why the corporate media exists. That’s why justice, equality, freedom, and sustainability aren’t its priorities.

To change this reality, we need media democracy. Workers must control our media outlets. No bosses. No corporate funding.

Workers own Phoenix Media Co-op as equals. Both our structure and mission are radically democratic. We amplify the voices of marginalised and oppressed people, and of those resisting and organising.

We’re about the collective spirit of resistance – not personalities or leaders. We need to build permanent power, for everyone – not just aim for establishment crumbs. We support this struggle with accurate, subversive, and unashamedly internationalist journalism.

But we can’t do this without you. We can only volunteer our time for so long. To survive and thrive, we need your support.

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